Property Tax Grievance

Property tax grievance is a formal complaint filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based upon comparable sales. The town places a value on every property. ie – $600,000 – if we can prove your home is worth less than that value, we will accept your grievance. You can grieve your property taxes every year. The value of your home is directly related to the fluctuating real estate market therefore your homes value has the potential to change every year. There are two levels to a property tax grievance. First we submit the paperwork to the town’s board of assessment review (BAR). Then, if necessary, we go to the small claims court level (SCAR).

12 05, 2017

Long Island School Budget’s Increase Property Taxes

Long Island's school spending may increase to an average of 2.35% for the 2017 - 2018 school years, with school increasing by up to 1.73% more compared to the 2017's current hikes, yet only within state tax-cap restrictions for the large majority of districts. According to the state Education Department, specifically from the figures they [...]

27 02, 2017

E-mails: Tax abatement end notifications did reach Edward Mangano’s staff

    Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano received a warning Last July that in 2017 the popular tax cut which averaged one hundred and sixty six dollars would no longer be applied. Even though he was warned about it, Mangano failed to inform about 44 thousand senior citizens who did get the abatement concerning the [...]

8 02, 2017

Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

Appeal Your Property Tax Bill Anyone who wishes to appeal their property bill needs to first of all carefully read their real estate assessment. You can actually reduce your property tax bill and the best way to do that is to appeal the value that your home was assigned by the taxman. It's [...]

1 02, 2017

Top 5 Ways You Can Use To Pay Fewer Commercial Property Taxes

When it comes to commercial property taxes (CPTs), they are not only about due dates. In fact, there are many businesses that view these taxes as a fixed cost. On a yearly basis you get a bill, you pay it and then you move on. If you wish, this is very much like a true [...]

27 01, 2017

Understanding The Property Tax Grievance Process

A lot of people think that the process of filing their property tax grievance is very difficult, yet that's not true. All you have to do is research a bit about it, fill out a form and after that you just have to write a supporting letter. Once you take these steps, all you need [...]

10 01, 2017

4 New Year Resolutions for Real Estate Agent Success in 2017

Whether you believe in resolutions or not, making a list of action items can help you achieve your goals in 2017! Here are some great items to add to your list as you set goals for the new year, and set yourself up for success! 1- Review your business plan. Now is a great time [...]

13 12, 2016

How to Be Indispensable

With rapidly changing technologies, and virtually unlimited access to information, agents have to adapt and find unique ways to accommodate their clients’ needs.  Here are a few thoughts about being an indispensable agent. 1. Your marketing strategy. In order to stay relevant, and in business, agents need effective marketing strategies.  Effective advertisements feel authentic and organic and focus [...]

12 10, 2016

What is a Tax Grievance?

What is a Tax Grievance? Before we answer that, we need to first of all define assessment. The assessment is practically the basis of the real estate tax bill. In general, this bill is your assessment times the tax rate. Your home’s assessment is a certain percentage (that may change on a yearly [...]

6 10, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional to File Your Tax Grievance

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional to File Your Tax Grievance Filing your tax grievance on your own is certainly possible and in order to do so, you’ll only have to assess the market value of your property, followed by filling out your Grievance petition and finally writing a letter [...]

11 04, 2016

7 Big Tax Breaks Homeowners May Not Know About

7 Big Tax Breaks Homeowners May Not Know About It's true that the US tax code is indeed intimidating and because of that, many Americans don't really want to dig through IRS forms and receipts each spring. The good news is that if you're the proud owner of a home, then you can [...]

10 11, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tax Grievance Firm To File Your Tax Grievance

Filing your tax grievance on your own is certainly possible and to do this, you'll only have to carefully research the value of your property, proceed with filling out your Grievance petition and lastly, you just have to write a letter in support that details your position. While doing so on your own may seem [...]

28 03, 2014

A 2014 Property Tax Grievance Guide-Why This Is The Year!

Suffolk County’s real estate market is still recovering which should make most every Suffolk homeowner’s property values decline further this year.  The one silver lining in that dark cloud- you might have a great shot at lowering your property taxes.  If you think you've been over assessed, you have a right to protest the assessment [...]